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Virtuoso Tutoring conveniently delivers top quality one-on-one tutoring to high school students.


Relevant tutorial content from top academics who have recently sat the assessments themselves.


Relatable lessons that are easily understood and remembered, since Tutors are high achieving students


Convenient tutorials at our partner schools, straight after school hours.

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Send us topics you want your child to excel in
Have an awesome, stimulating tutorial!

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One-on-one tutoring is an extremely powerful tool for accelerating learning. It is the perfect complement to teaching: filling in gaps and strengthening weaknesses specific to each student. Virtuoso Tutoring offers tutoring for high school students in a wide range of subjects – everything from Maths to Art History!

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Virtuoso selected for 2011 Unlimited Investment Challenge Qualifier

Virtuoso (noun)

A person who has a masterly or dazzling skill or technique in any field of activity. Example: Our tutors are skilled in helping your son/daughter achieve their academic potential.

Tutoring (present participle)

Being taught in an interactive one-on-one or small group session. Example: Tutoring from Virtuoso unlocks your son/daughter's academic potential.

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